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Our homes are High Performance Homes.

If you are reading this you are probably interested in understanding more about how better quality homes are built.

In the building industry, the term ‘high-performance home’ has a clear definition. It’s one with a good building envelope. That is, the exterior walls of the house are airtight and insulated well. It has professionally designed, sized, installed, and commissioned heating and air conditioning systems, including the air distribution. Because it’s airtight, it also has mechanical ventilation – a filtered fresh air fan that works in conjunction with the HVAC system.

The result is a home that’s comfortable, healthful, durable, and energy efficient. So why are these systems not popular and offered by all builders?

In a “Sellers’ market”, where buyers are willing to buy any product that is on the market, the sellers do not have a motivation to offer anything better. The majority of the buyers are not educated enough to demand better. Moreover, most home buying decisions are made based location and buyers are forced to buy what’s available in the market.