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The possibilities are just incredible. New innovative products are coming to the market every day. We stay informed of the market to bring the latest options to our clients.

Adjust the lights for a romantic dinner with the touch of a button. Control your HVAC from anywhere in the world using your cellphone. Watch your babies on your cell phone from your office. Get alerts from you home if something goes wrong. A talking smoke detector will inform you what to do in an emergency.

The technology for smart home is evolving and we research smart home products actively as they enter
the market. We should use smart home controls for our comfort and convenience without
compromising safety and security.

  • Switches: dimming or brightening the lamps in living areas, putting 3 way switches, motion detector
    switches to come on when you enter a closet, storage or bathroom, dimmed lights to come on when
    you wake up in the middle of the night.
  • Thermostat: There is a wide range of thermostat that control not only the temperature but also
    humidity, which is very important for the overall comfort and health.
  • Door locks: This is an item of debate and we leave it to homeowners to choose what is right for them.
  • Security system: there is a wide range of products available. Can be customized to fit clients needs.
  • Door bell: The camera bell has become one of the most popular features due to the security it offers.
  • Garage door openers: This is also a debatable item since remote closing may put people in danger.
  • Auto window coverings: remotely open and close shades with the touch of a button.
  • Smart LED lighting: A huge variety of lights is available and can be custom fitted to client needs.
  • Sprinkler controller: Can be controlled with the smart phone. Will not come on when it rains ( this is standard now)

Smart controls for your house lighting, climate controls, music, video and the internet. Call us to find more details of what you can customize. Don’t see an item on this list? Tell us about it and we will check on it.